Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 3

Today I really took the time to relish in the fact that I'm trying to nourish myself and choose the better options that will be better for my body and not for my hips.  I really want that cake but what happens when you eat it?? You feel satisfied, sure.... but for how long?? 10 minutes? Then it sets in.  That feeling. That "ugh why did I do that??" feeling.  And it at myself.  I don't know why I do it.  So now, I'm REALLY going to work hard on one thing and that's this.... to really focus on foods that will make me feel better on the inside, and out.

My goal is to keep my eyes on the bigger picture!  I can see it and I'm happy about it.  I used to be happy when I watched what I ate. I felt good, I didn't feel worn down, I wasn't tired, I felt healthy, I was at PEACE with myself. 


I absolutely LOVE being at home with my little girl but I do miss the days that I was just too busy to eat or even think about food. I remember going to the gym early, going home, getting dressed and going to work.  Then to my other job.  I wouldn't really even think about eating and when I did, while I don't agree with all my choices now that I'm older and wiser, they weren't nearly as scary as they are now.

So last night I was REALLY happy to have one of the healthiest things I could get my hands on and that was a huge piece of salmon.  I topped it with a McCormick spice called "Molasses Bacon." I've NEVER had a better piece of salmon than when I top it with this.  Not at a restaurant, not at home. NO where. I highly recommend it! I also had a sweet potato with some cinnamon on top!!

This morning I had a nice run at a nearby beach, different from the one I went to for the past two days.  I liked it a LOT better and we had a great run!!

Now I'm at home and I just ordered some GREAT roasted veggies, a piece of Cod and some bruchetta chicken for the husband and I to share. :) 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2


Today started with a really nice sunny run again.  I took my baby girl and we hit the sand.  Today I was really proud of myself because I went even further then the time before and I feel like I got a much better workout! It wasn't has hot today so this little peanut didn't complain too much. Or did Mom! My cutie definitely was ready to go back home towards the end which made me sad because I would have loved to ran for another 10-15 more minutes. Oh well, I'll take what I can get!

I just got this new top from Marshalls and I really like it!! It was awesome to run in and I love that it's sleeveless so I can get some sun!

Her Jogging Stroller I purchased off Craigslist from another running momma and it was the best money I ever spent! It was definitely used but I don't mind, I've gotten my moneys worth out of it for sure.

After we got home I put on her shows and I decided to get to work on something I've been wanting to make for weeks! It isn't even complicated but I finally have all the things I wanted to make it so here it is.  It's a spinach turkey bacon frittata muffin!!  They are SO SO GOOD!! And I had to try hard not to eat them all.  I only had 2 and surprisingly satisfying.
She fell asleep shortly after for her nap and then when she woke up we ran some errands! I had to run to the store to pick up some meat and some veggies.
Nope. She's not tired at all! Dinner is in the oven. Salmon and a baked sweet potato!! Orange and healthy, just the way I love it!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

One hot minute!

Okay so I'm back and I feel like i am bound and determined to get this under control. No going back!! I have been so good these past two days and my Will power is way way better than it has ever been before. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm just so overweight that I won't ever get to be skinny again but then I remember ---- I gotta start somewhere!!! 

I went on a run today at the beach! 

It was beautiful and so peaceful. My little one actually rested and wasn't crazy during my run! The whole beach was exclusive and to myself! 

It was harder than running on concrete and having the stroller in addition was especially rough. But I did it and I burned some good calories! 

I'm so glad I made this decision and for real this time. I'm documenting it. Holding myself reaponsible. I'm done being fat.